The series, Relativity is a range of hand formed tableware made and designed as a creative accompaniment to the Escher X Nendo | Between Two Worlds exhibition. The range consists of a platter, bowl, tumbler and three vases. While decorative or graphic elements connect the works, each piece is unique as a result of the immediacy of the hand painting and glazing process.   

Conceiving this series, I was struck by the translation of the Japanese word, ‘Nendo’. This word, meaning ‘clay’ or ‘to mould with clay’ provided the foundation for this extension of my practice. Yet, I was also inspired by the playful sentiments of Nendo’s design and the graphic and dramatic qualities of Escher’s work.  

Comparative analysis revealed optical illusion as a connecting idea and design motif in Escher’s and Nendo’s work. I employed this idea in the Relativity series, with a fluid approach. I referenced Escher’s illustrative dimension by experimenting with pattern and a monochromatic colour scheme. Yet this was with thick, expressive brushstrokes in the context of familiar table forms.The studio production process was a combination of labour intensive, technical and relaxing. I imagine Escher’s process to have been this similar combination of expressive and disciplined.