Slump Stools

Slump stools are made by loosely cutting, tossing and pummeling-out slabs of clay and leaving the bodies and the tops separated while firing. A thick, celebratory carpet of glaze is applied, which tugs and warps the flat surfaces, making use of the unpredictability of flat clay at high temperatures to form a seat that sits apart from the main body. This guileless approach highlights what I see as the agency of the material ā€“ a nod to the rough-and-tumble history of ceramic object construction.

Society now faces the consequences of its actions and inactions ā€“ including, but not limited to, the destruction of ecosystems, the eradication of land- and water-based life as a result of unchecked mass consumption, the mining and burning of coal and our inability to collect and use waste effectively. I want to recognize that the materials I make use of in my work were once a diligent worker in an earlier system. We need to look to nature, we need to be lead by the land, we need to be lead by people that know the land: clay is mud, mud is land. Iā€™m letting the earth live a little to create its own aesthetic. Slump Stools are about our relationship to these materials, and you have to listen in a relationship.

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