WORM CHARMING - James Makin Gallery

10 - 24 OCTOBER 2020

It’s hard not to drift into apocalyptic thinking at the moment. To be honest, I’ve been caught in that tide for a while. A little grim perhaps, but the experience of being inundated by technology, human disconnection, vast digital echo chambers and observable collapse
of social structures and ecosystems has pointed me not to doom (well, some doom) but to underlying connectedness.

As a teenager we learned about the basics of evolution and biology. I was raised a Pentacostal Christian, so most of those lessons didn’t sink in at the time. To my embarrassment, I recall a lesson when my hand shot up and expressed disdain for the information being provided because I was a proud Christian. I now lead a sinful
homosexual life style and since leaving the church I’ve had to learn and relearn some of the basics. It was a bleak lesson to discover that our existence on this planet is the result of millions of years of biological competition. However, contrary to this are recent studies that detail mycelium and plants existing and evolving collaboratively rather than just trying to engulf one another for survival.

The works are mixed media and stoneware. I’ve made a statue of a worm and a decapitated head of a bee. I’ve embedded rocks and ‘precious’ stones throughout the works. Forms are made from large lumps of hardened clay and thrown vessels. The surfaces are expressly glazed and painted. I reference music my dad listened to, celestial objects, ants nests, snakes, cartoons, and my mother’s biblical doctrine. These disparate and chaotic references collaborate in my artistic process, these sculptures are their point
of connection.

Worm Charming is James Lemon’s first exhibition with James Makin Gallery. For enquires please contact Jessica.