Little BUMP Cups
Little BUMP Cups

Little BUMP Cups


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These are Bump Cups but just slighty smaller and have just as staple as bigger vessels. Part of my first collection, 'Bump', I throw the vessel to form, then I bump it to create its final, unique shape. The buttery glaze finish and the gentle dimples produced by the process makes for a super tactile and comfortable piece. Little Bump Cups come in colours to pair with any interior, and because of their varied forms, they are a confident expression in any home or business or emergency ward.

  • Thrown on the wheel
  • High-fired stoneware
  • Each piece is unique
  • Soft and ergonomic
  • Food, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe
  • Handmade in Melbourne

Each piece varies slightly in form and glaze finish.

    Size: approximately 10cm H - 7cm W