To be customised (bring them to me)

To be customised (bring them to me)


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Don't get me wrong, I love making plates, I do I do I do, but sustainability has been on the mind lately. Many plates, both handmade and mass produced fill up the shelves in opshops, your kitchen, they sit under plant pots, they end up landfill or get passed onto your ungrateful children when they leave the home that you've made for them over their lifetime. This project is about making the basic, the mass produced and the forgotten ceramics you have...better.  This also gives me a chance to be rude to strangers which isn't something I normally do but I want to give it a go.

Here are the rules, please read everything carefully as these are important:

- You bring me your basic white plates

- I will then 'customise' them

- You come get your plate and then take a nice picture for your friends to see


- If you don't have any basic white plates, please purchase from your local second hand stores or steal them from your housemates

- The ceramics need to be stoneware OTHERWISE they will likely melt, warp, crack or turn into a hell mouth and I will cry. They should say, stoneware or porcelain on the base, if in doubt, don't.

- I cannot ensure that the tableware you provide will tolerate being re-fired so please make sure your pieces are not of sentimental value, if it doesn't survive and it was your great grandmothers that she passed to you, I will never forgive myself, or you. If your piece doesn't survive I will ensure you end up with a finished piece, fear not.

- Customisation, will likely be crass, always in jest, unless I know you, then I will mean everything I say. This is an opportunity to laugh at yourself but not marginalised peoples so don't worry, no words that aren't in my social lexicon will be used.

- If you cannot deliver good to my studio, sourced plates will be available online and we can have it shipped to you.

- Purchase your new plate by selecting the drop off option, or one to be sent. 

- Turn around will be 4-6 weeks

- Pricing will be based per unit, with a maximum of diameter and height of a standard dinner plate. Larger objects will need to be considered first.

- Doesn't have to be a plate

- I think that's it.