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'I turned up to the address and there was nothing there...like it was just an empty lot, would highly recommend' 

- Cameron Diaz

*Welcome to my post-covid workshops! They run just as they always have with the addition of space around you, a cute mask when required and that vague background smell of hand sanitiser that we have all come to love. The studio also looks a little different now to accommodate spacing but it's still the same warm vibe.*


This 1.5-hour workshop will take you through the beginnings of making a vessel.

You'll get to throw heaps, and mess up heaps but overall you'll come out with a good starting grasp on what's involved in the ceramics making process, and of course the pots that you make in class.

All of the clay, tools, glaze and firing are all taken care of!

Each class is for 5 people (feel free to book all 5 spots if you want to come as a group.

With your finished forms, you will have the choice to:

  • Have your work bisque fired (half-finished) for you to take home and glaze yourself or
  • you can also book into one of my glaze classes to finish your work (recommended as it's a fun time) or
  • you can have your work glazed in a simple white. 

Your class will look like this:

  1. A quick welcome to the studio
  2. Your teacher (me) will walk and talk you through the basics of the process with a demo or two
  3. You'll hop on the wheel and have some fun! 

The nitty-gritty:

  • Booking is final and non-refundable. Classes usually book out quite quick and someone else might have potentially loved your spot, so it's important to make sure you get there - you can nominate a friend to come instead if you like! If a lockdown occurs the class will be postponed until restrictions ease. 
  • You've got to have close toed-shoes in the studio
  • Wear something you can get dirty 
  • Long nails can very easily damage your work and make it difficult to make anything, something to consider if you're about to get that SNS. 
  • Covid safety measures are in place that means that you need to: BYO towel, masks when required.
  • According to health requirements, you'll be adequately spaced and tools and surfaces will be sanitised between sessions.
  • You'll need to sanitise your hands and sign in on entry  
  • you WILL enjoy yourself
  • If you want to book as a gift please grab a gift card and ask the receiver to book rather than booking for them (I've found this to be a little more streamlined)


Workshops are held in my lush Northcote space. 41 Arthurton Rd, Northcote.
Right next to The Herbert Cafe. It's directly opposite the Northcote train station and a very small walk from the high street tram line.


    2021 | JULY 17 | 1.30 - 3 PM
    2021 | AUGUST 28  | 1.30 - 3 PM